Multi-format media player applets and the content management and delivery platform with useful analytics

GiGaSoft will process, host, stream and deliver your content. Securely upload, store, manage, share, distribute, publish, monetize and track reach and delivery success of your communications with real-time statistics.

Multimedia Content Platform

You own and control all videos, audio recordings, images and document communications you upload on GiGaSoft platform, the complete personalised and secure solution for your live broadcasts and on-demand content storage, management, sharing, embedding on your websites and distribution on TellYourStory network of leading specialist and financial publishers.

Maximise interaction with your viewers with smart tools enabling geographical targeting, on-air scheduling, direct contact for Q&As, meeting requests, comments, email alerts, smart search and filters. Pause, withdraw, disconnect or delete your content to take it off-line, anytime. Monetize your content with multiple integrated advertising and syndication solutions for sponsored content.

Receive instant feedback about traffic, viewers, content reach and delivery performance results with our comprehensive, useful and up to the minute analytics in charts and spreadsheets for your reporting.

Multi-format Media Player

Your content is processed for streaming on our responsive, interactive and adaptive media players, playlists and channel applets compatible with static and dynamic cross-media formats, all viewing devices, websites, screen sizes and bandwidths.

Sync your videos or audio recordings with presentation slides and images to create dynamic webcasts. Attach downloadable presentations, transcripts, product or company factsheets, press releases, research and financial documents for distribution with your video or audio messages. Keep your viewers fully informed with unlimited updates of documents on each video. Each document download is also tracked and reported in your stats.

The player is fine-tuned to support multiple languages and to efficiently deliver high quality HD videos, audio recordings, images and documents across different media.

GiGaSoft multi-format media player applets and the content management and delivery platform gives control back to your company to communicate to your target audience, timely and effectively.

We exist to help you expand reach and make real impact on your target audience.

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