Traffic performance

Meaningful analytics to measure reach and relevance of viewers
All questions about your content traffic and audience relevance are answered with the combination of our proprietary analytics and the integrated third-party analytics. Track and measure viewer traffic, audience relevance and behaviour to help refine and focus your multimedia communications. 

All content, all traffic sources and viewer engagement
Track all your published content from the embedded single players, playlists and channels on your private and public websites. Download statistics of all your content whether live broadcasts, on-demand videos, document downloads, syndicated videos or sponsor banner links, external hosted webcasts and conference calls, events and service promotions.

Analyse viewer engagement by drilling down the individual content into spreadsheets and charts to see where viewers drop off, which sections of your video are replayed and the average viewing times. Capitalize on high engagement sections of your video by adding scene captions, in-video call-to-action forms and buttons or pinning video ads from your Ad Networks. 

Analytics & reporting

Analytics refined for investors, media and corporate communications
Download reports to gain insights and understanding of your audience characteristics and demographics including new and repeat viewers, the level of engagement, the browsers, networks and devices being used to access your content. Know which country, state or city your viewers are watching from with our non-intrusive Geo reporting using an IP address lookup database and technology without invading the viewers' privacy.

·    aggregate overview of all content viewings
·    individual performance data and charts in real-time; day; month or year
·    performance reports from embedded videos, playlists, shared and distributed content
·    viewing date and time plus average viewing times
·    number of times thumbnail is clicked (impression or delivery hits)
·    number of actual views/streams (actual chargeable viewer streams)
·    number of transcripts; press releases; factsheets, research or presentation downloads
·    number of viewers that clicked through the sponsor banner or related website link
·    number of comments, feedback or enquiries posted to each video
·    breakdown of individual viewers: including IP address, city, country and region
·    each viewer's company, primary activity and job function when the viewer is signed in
·    viewing device and traffic referrals: via search engines, shared links or direct site traffic
·    set custom date ranges and download for offline analysis and create reports. 

Google Analytics integration

Google Analytics
Insert your Google Analytics account id into your embedded playlist applets to have your players send aggregate analytics data to Google. This integration helps you match your video analytics to your regular page analytics. Performance tracking tools will send reports about embedded players, video replays and total viewers per video. Discover which campaigns, keywords and traffic referrals are driving viewers to your videos.

GiGaSoft multi-format media player plugs into Google Analytics to extend detailed reporting enabling you to understand how well your videos perform online by tracking activities within the player. Statistical data about which videos are watched in full or in specific segments is aggregated and passed along to Google Analytics for your reports. Google Analytics plugin is an excellent complement to our proprietary built in analytics module with comprehensive real-time reports.

Adobe SiteCatalyst integration

Adobe SiteCatalyst
GiGaSoft multi-format media player has been optimised to integrate with the Adobe SiteCatalyst (SC) marketing reporting and analytics service, which enables reporting of video playback and engagement to the Adobe analytics suite. Easily identify the most profitable paths through digital assets, determine at which point visitors are navigating away and identify critical success metrics for online marketing campaigns. Your account with Adobe SiteCatalyst and its Media library must be active in order for the player to track and report data for your content libraries and media playbacks.