Ownership & control

Your total control with full rights of ownership
Retain total access, copyrights and control of all your information and content you upload on the GiGaSoft platform. We do not attach adverts directly to your videos therefore; you can manage, distribute and monetize your videos in the way you want. Brand your content by placing image watermarks into your video players and channel applets. At any time you can set viewing limitations, auto-withdraw or disable content from all published and embedded players.

Multiple account notification recipients
Add up to five additional team member e-mail addresses to receive notification e-mails and alerts about your account. Alerts will include all communications regarding your account activities such as Storage & Delivery Credits consumption, encoded videos ready for publishing, recorded live streams ready for conversion or for your download, viewer comments, feedback and reports.

Bulk content management

Organise content into target groups
Categorise your videos into meaningful segments and set permissions for viewer access and participation controls. Select multiple audio and video files for batch editing: to share, distribute, publish, withdraw, disconnect, delete, drag & drop to sort and manage. You can replaceuploaded videos or live recordings after editing or when changes have been made to meet regulations while retaining all file properties, stats and history from the original copy.

Create & manage playlists and WebTV channels
Group your videos into playlists by sector, market segment, internal departments or video topics. Split private from public videos or group premium content and feeds from internal and external sources. Playlists are flexible and easy to create, modify, delete, edit, disconnect, share or drag & drop to sort content.  In the same playlist, you can combine your select on-demand videos and webcasts, live broadcasts, external feeds and RTMP live feeds.

Schedule auto-publishing, withdraw or disconnect streaming
Schedule auto-publishing dates and times and line-up playlist videos in a TV style program scheduler to define “on-air” times for each video.  The same applies if you wish to specify an "off-air" date/time to auto-withdraw the videos. Simply ‘Withdraw’ to recall the distributed videos from published players.

'Disconnect' to instantly disable streaming of shared or distributed links including search engine links. You can use the remote controlled dashboard switch to turn on/off the entire playlist or channel from embedded sites. Upload video ads to your account for our team to review and approve for streaming whilst you retain publishing rights and control. A primary reference source controls all copies of your published videos so that performance statistics can be aggregated and reported back to your account.

Subscriber databases

Manage subscriber databases and distributed content recipients
The option to apply a one-time passport registration and login request for viewers before they watch your videos enables you to create useful opt-in subscriber databases that are recorded and managed from your account, regardless of where your video is being watched.

Viewer databases are generated into your account from all your published broadcasts viewed from the player on any of the embedded, shared, distributed video players, on any website.

Geo, IP & domain targeting

Geographical content access permissions
Secure your sensitive content and prevent the distribution of your videos and live broadcasts to unauthorised viewers by restricting access to specific countries, domain names and IP addresses or IP range. Restricting access to your videos by country or domain name protects your content from being distributed or embedded for viewing on unauthorised sites.

Geo, IP and Domain restrictions provide a great way to target your audience and isolate certain countries or regions that don’t meet compliance regulations.

CMS integration

CMS integration and Google analytics plugin
Integrate your video content and player with: WordPress, Joomla!, Creative Suite, Drupal, YouTube, Facebook, iPhone, Final Cut Pro, IAB VAST/VPAID, Android, Boxee, LongTail, Google Analytics, Squeeze and more. The player includes native support for playing YouTube videos via the Chromeless Player API for basic YouTube playback through the download fall-back functionality. You can simply copy and paste the embedded player code into any CMS.