Accessibility Standards

GiGaSoft multi-format media player seeks to follow the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.x standards and the WAI-ARIA guidelines to improve the accessibility and interoperability of our web content and applications.


i) the keyboard should be fully accessible

ii) supported screen readers should be usable at all times

iii) the media player can be customised to modify visibility

iv) Closed Captions to provide text for audible information to aid hearing



GiGaSoft multi-format media player enables viewers to have an accessible video viewing experience without the use of a mouse. With just a few keystrokes, you can tab to a video player and use the provided shortcuts to navigate the player. The keyboard navigation is compatible with screen readers.




Pause or play video


Select the currently focused item. When nothing is in focus, enter pauses or plays the video. 


Exit a menu, overlay, or full-screen 


Advance to the next focusable item

Up and Down arrows

All supported versions: Increase or decrease volume by 10%. 
Also:  Navigate items in a submenu.

Right and Left arrows

All supported versions: Seek forward or backward by 5 seconds. 
Also:  Move focus from an item in a submenu to the menu bar.



In addition to accessibility support, GiGaSoft multi-format media player includes video-specific keyboard shortcuts, enabling viewers to have an effortless video viewing experience without the use of a mouse. The keyboard shortcuts are active when you tab into the player or after you have clicked into it. To disable the shortcuts, just tab or click outside of the player.




Fast seek to x% of the video


Toggle captions off, on, or cycle through the available tracks


Enter or exit full screen


Mute or unmute video volume


Screen reader

GiGaSoft multi-format media player supports the most-used screen readers for accessibility. The player is tested on browser and operating system combinations known to be widely used by accessibility viewers. For example, some browsers, such as Edge, are known within the community to offer only experimental screen reader support. We recommend viewers to watch video with the following combinations:

Screen reader


Operating System


Safari 10+, Chrome 64+

Mac OS Sierra, High Sierra

NVDA 2017, 2018

Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 57

Windows 10

JAWS 2017, 2018

Internet Explorer 11

Windows 10