Player Tools

Interactive viewing and participation tools
GiGaSoft multi-format media player displays the 'embed, share and reporting' shortcuts on the player control to facilitate viral content sharing. The player is also whitelisted on most social sites for in-stream playback of the shared links via email or posting to Facebook, Twitter, Viadeo, LinkedIn, and Google+. Interactive viewing experience is achieved also through conditional in-video ‘call to action’ forms and button components at ‘pause’, ‘replay’, ‘mid-roll’ or ‘post-roll’.

Comments, feedback, favourites playlists and e-mail alerts
Viewers can communicate directly with publishers through posting reports, comments and  feedback or to privately ask questions, request interviews, meetings or product demos. Viewers can create favourite playlists for easy access and also subscribe to receive instant, daily or weekly e-mail alerts on newly published live and on-demand videos and webcasts.

Video properties, sponsored texts, images and banners
Video properties include the presenting company name, presenter profile, video title and description and sponsored or promotional texts, images or banners below the player, which are click-able through to a related website.  The player applet footer can be branded with hyperlinked images or logos to promote sponsors or particular a product.

Web-links and video related documents
Each video can have related web-links, related video transcripts, factsheets, press releases, presentations or research documents to complement the video messages.

Playlists and content navigation pagers and search engine

The player features a powerful search engine as well as the customised searches and filters saved to the viewers' profile.

Live & on-demand videos and webcasts in a self-contained applet
Playlists can contain a combination of live and on-demand audio, videos, webcasts, images and documents. Presentation slides and images can be synchronised with video timelines to easily create live and on-demand webcasts. Viewers can download, print or share specific slides, which link back to the exact video timeline.

Channel RSS feeds
Quick and easy access to your content is enhanced with our integrated RSS feeds. The embedded player applets generate custom RSS feeds URL with all videos in the playlist for viewers to receive automated alerts in real-time. Whenever you create playlists for the embedded channels, our system gives you the option simply to tick a box to place an RSS icon on the channel applet footer. Each video link within the playlist will be published to the RSS feed from where viewers can subscribe to receive timely updates and alerts.