Rich media properties

Relevant content for targeted viewers

Place your videos and webcasts in the correct segments, sectors and categories and add presenter and company profiles. Viewers can set personalised filters and switch views between filtered searches saved on their account profile and the general portal content. Specify the official publish date for display on the video thumb and schedule auto-publishing date and time to coincide with press releases or special events. Improve your video SEO by assigning metadata such as meaningful titles, descriptions, video related documents and tags.

Titles, location and metadata of your public videos and webcasts are automatically submitted to social media sites and search engines so that they show up in search results whilst your private videos can be searched within the embedded playlists and WebTV channels. You can also set geographical access limits on your content to block viewers from certain countries and domains.


Viewer compliance and validation

Access to professional investor content versus retail and general content
Given that GiGaSoft multi-format media player displays investment related content, publishers can specify viewer type to enable mandatory compliance validation in order to meet regulatory requirements. Videos are placed in categories where general public content can be accessed by all viewers while professional content can be accessed only by professionals and advisors through a mandatory declaration. Generic legal disclaimers or your own customised legal disclaimers can be applied to any of your videos.  

One-time passport registration and login plus password protection
Control access to your content and save viewers' time with one-time passport registration/login. When viewers click to watch the videos, they are required to register or sign in before the video plays. This registration or login grants viewer access to all our hosted videos and players on any website, subject to compliance. Viewer activity and statistics are reported back to your account for real-time analysis. You may also secure content with passwords to protect, capture and authenticate your audience.

Slides, images, documents & thumbs

Synchronised and downloadable presentation slides, images and documents
Upload and attach related video transcripts, factsheets, press releases, presentations or research documents to complement your video messages. Sync your presentation slides and images with video timelines to easily create live and on-demand webcasts. Viewers can download, print or share specific slides, which link back to the exact video timeline.

Customise your video player thumbnails and pre-broadcast banners
Upload your own logos or presenter photos or choose a frame from the auto generated video thumbs to give each of your video a custom preview image on the thumbnails. Brand and protect your content by placing image watermarks into your videos or player.

For both live real-time broadcasts and live RTMP streaming, you can select a pre-broadcast banner theme from a variety of templates. Simply tick boxes to display specific information such as presenter and company details, presentation date/time and location, broadcast title and custom messages. The banner image and selected information will be displayed on your player before the broadcast begins.

Branded and sponsored content
For any videos you publish, you can add hyperlinked banners to promote your product or sponsor in line with the playing video. This is a great facility particularly if you are running a conference or other sponsored events. The banner can be added to all videos within a playlist or different banners for different videos. The image appears just below the video player and each viewer click on the banner is recorded in the analytics together with statistics for the playing video.

Closed Captions (CC) or Subtitles

Closed Captions, language subtitles and scene tags
Add video scene tags or upload Closed Captions (CC) or multiple subtitle tracks in WebVTT (plain text HTML5 standard), SRT (plain text) or DFXP (XML) formats to enable your viewers to select their language. Closed captions and subtitles drive SEO, provide accessibility and add multi-language support. GiGaSoft multi-format media player supports all three formats across all browsers in both Flash and HTML5 to aid language translation and hard-of-hearing viewers. When the player encounters Closed Captions script, it automatically places a CC button in the player control bar.  Your viewers can toggle on/off to show or hide the captions during video play. Note: VTT captions are preferred for their HTML5 compliance. We currently support seven language subtitles.

Interactive properties

Viewer interactions and permissions
GiGaSoft multi-format media player is our universal player with integrated features such as optimised search and custom filters, email alerts subscriptions, favourite lists and video quality switching. Personal filters enable viewers to switch between saved searches and the general portal content.  Activate properties that enable viewers to interact and engage with you and your videos. You can decide whether or not to show or hide the 'Slide Show', 'Embed', 'Share' or 'Comments' tools for each video. Make your videos interactive by applying conditional in-video ‘call to action’ forms and button components at ‘pause’, ‘replay’, ‘mid-roll’ or ‘post-roll’.

Comments, feedback and reports

Viewer comments, feedback and reports
You have control on how viewers interact with your content, wherever it is published. Gain valuable feedback about reach and the type of audience accessing your content. Viewers can communicate directly with publishers: to privately ask questions, request interviews, meetings or product demos or to post feedback and comments for your moderation before publishing. Viewers can also comment on, share and rate each other’s comments and can subscribe to receive alerts on follow up posts to each video.

Subscriber e-mail alerts and favourite playlists
Your viewers can create favourite playlists for easy access and also subscribe to receive instant, daily or weekly e-mail alerts for your newly published live and on-demand videos and webcasts. You retain full access and control to withdraw or disconnect content or to instantly disable streaming of all your distributed videos.

RSS feeds properties

Quick and easy access to your content is enhanced with our integrated RSS feedsWhenever you create playlists for the embedded channels, our system gives you the option simply to tick a box to place an RSS icon on the channel applet footer. This action produces a unique RSS feed URL for the channel playlists. Each video link within the playlist will be published to the feed from where viewers can subscribe privately or publicly to receive timely updates and alerts.