Fast, high-quality encoding to cross-media formats
Live and on-demand videos, audio, images and documents are securely processed for multiple viewing devices. Encoding of your content into multiple formats to reach viewers on all devices and screens takes place on dedicated encoding servers.

Once encoded, the distribution and replay format will automatically adjust to cope with viewers’ different connection speeds and viewing devices on desktops, mobiles, tablets on Flash, Androids, Windows and iOS.


Reliable Cloud Hosting
We offer robust hosting solutions that grow with your requirements and cope with any business size regardless of capacity (storage) and traffic (delivery) demands. Your content is hosted on secure distributed cloud servers across major regions with efficient and reliable infrastructure on high capacity storage networks; improving performance and scalability in delivering your content to large numbers of simultaneous viewers.


Adaptive streaming with Apple HLS and dynamic multi-bitrate (HDS)
We deliver your live and on-demand videos using the leading streaming technologies: Apple HLS and Adobe RTMP (iOS and Flash). Our adaptive streaming technologies allow for concurrent video play-back and recording, delivering optimized video quality to every viewer device and adjusting appropriately for different browsers and bandwidths.

HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) streaming methods provide smooth video playback, optimised viewing experience with adaptive switching between different data and media.

Live streaming transcoding
A live streaming encoder, such as Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE) or Telestream Wirecast, is required in order to stream live using RTMP technology. The encoding software enables you to ingest the live video from camera to server via a capture card, such as the Black Magic Intensity, for processing and streaming. Note: FMLE on Windows doesn’t support AAC audio encoding. To add support for AAC, purchase the MainConcept AAC Encoder.


Optimum Security on Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)
If you ever need a multimedia content hosting and delivery solution with a global reach and security from leading CDNs, we offer the complete setup from content uploading, transcoding, hosting and delivery. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure offers optimum security with protection of your content and smooth delivery to viewers watching on any website, viewing device screen size or bandwidth.

We offer the complete global coverage with high level of stability and security across different media and content library sizes, backed by our Tier-1 Content Delivery Network providers.