Live streaming & recording

Stream live and record from mobile, webcam, camcorder or broadcast camera
Schedule a broadcast to stream and record live video or audio events, training sessions, news releases, product launches and performance updates, investor & corporate webcasts, analyst calls & notices.

Adaptive streaming with HLS and Flash
Deliver live as well as on-demand adaptive streaming with both Apple HLS (iOS) and Adobe RTMP (Flash). Both options allow you to play your broadcast as you record to archive.  Automatically adjust video quality to available bandwidth and seek to different parts of a video, thus, enabling live webcasting with synchronised and searchable presentation slides. Live recordings, with or without viewers, will inherit all the original broadcast properties including any linked documents for on-demand viewing.

Live stream encoding
A live streaming encoder such as Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE) or Telestream Wirecast is required in order to stream live using RTMP technology. The encoder tool enables your camera to communicate with our servers and ingest the video stream into the server for processing and streaming.