Slides and image gallery

Sync audio and videos files to presentation slides and images from the gallery
Upload and manage presentation slides, images and photos. Share, download, print or sync video timelines with presentation slides and images to easily create cool webcasts. For on-demand videos, simply add the HH:MM:SS timeline for each slide to display in sync with the selected video timeline. For live broadcasts, enter the Broadcast Room and sync slides to the broadcast schedule, each slide will be presented and recorded as you push to show in sync with your live presentation.

We are proud to bring you clear-cut webcasting technology that enables you to capture your target audience, comply with regulation and record full analytics whilst distributing videos and documents and building useful audience databases for your future webcasts distribution.

Slides and image gallery management
Add, remove or modify presentation slides and images from the gallery. Create gallery folders, drag & drop to move image position or from folder to folder. Add search tags, image titles and set permissions for sharing and synchronising with videos and audio broadcasts. Your gallery stores all your images and photos ready to share and sync with your live or on-demand audio and videos.

Tip:  Open PowerPoint Presentation file and 'Save As > Other Formats'.  In the 'Save as type', select .PNG or .JPEG  and click 'Every Slide' option to create individual images. Select all slides to upload to your gallery then add titles and search tags before syncing with your live or on-demand audio/video file.