Credits as Currency

Content Storage & Delivery Credits usage is tracked through a combination of Storage and Delivery. All other GiGaSoft platform features and benefits are inclusive and unlimited. It's quite like any typical pre-paid mobile phone plan: you purchase Credits, consume as you host and stream content, track usage with real-time stats, and top-up account balance. For example: GBP £100.00 buys 455 Credits. For this amount at standard price, you can:

  • Upload, transcode and store 12 videos for 30 days or 1 video for a year (no limit to video size/length)

  • Publish and receive 455 viewer streams (number of views) for a 10 minute live or on-demand video or

  • Stream live and record a 65 minute long video footage, transcode for on-demand or

  • Reach 455 unique visitor clicks on your advertised Events, Business Services or external Webcasts.


Purchased Credits do not expire!

Credits remain on your GiGaSoft platform user account and carry over to the next month until consumed. We draw down from your balance as you stream live and record, upload, host and stream on-demand videos and receive visitors to your Events or Services ads, all reported in real-time. Purchase any amount of Multimedia Storage & Delivery Credits for your account; you are in complete control of how much you wish to spend and for how long you wish to store and deliver your content.