Corporate & IR Communications

Maximise investor, media and corporate communications
Companies making the greatest impact online are those embracing online video communication strategies with relevant, clear and up-to-date information for investors to see, hear and know. Broadcast company news, deals and earnings, internal and public training videos and presentations. Outline your business strategies to attract new investors and partners. Promote your executives, products or expertise and raise awareness of your business and services. Regular video communications with clients and customers increase your market visibility and helps build new client relationships.  Access videos and webcasts on the portal to hear investors and analysts' views on your company, your peers and your industry. Gain insights about trends, local and global events that are influencing your industry.

Strategic online video communications
On-line video is becoming the most popular and effective media for communicating business and investment messages. Live and on-demand video provides speed, efficiency and effectiveness in promoting expertise, reporting strategies, deals, product milestones, financial results and shareholder meetings directly to your investor audience and market commentators. Complement your regulatory news releases with video or webcast to clearly define your key messages and distribute key documents such as transcripts, presentations, press releases, company or product factsheets, research notes and financial reports. Retain total access and control, full copyright and information ownership of all your content.

Tell your own story!
Create your own headline and expand reach to your intended international audiences. Build relationships through effective video communications to meet your stakeholders' demands for regular updates whilst reducing travel and out-of-office costs. Be seen, be heard and be known by your target audiences. Bring your business, products and expertise to life on video and engage with customers. Boost viewer traffic and reach audiences on mobiles and desktops in full screen high definition (HD) video players and content in multimedia formats.