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Define Media respects the privacy of all users, visitors, content providers and publishers and want them all to have a great experience on our website and related multimedia services. We want you to enjoy your experience on our website and for you to create a forum and communities for market, business and financial debates with fresh content, commentaries on company and sector news analysis, market movements, opinions and insights.

A discussion forum is created for each broadcast published on our portal and on any embedded multimedia services on third party websites, such as our embedded players, playlists or webtv channel applets, providing an open and independent facility to initiate discussions around the current events and topics within the broadcast itself or the wider sector. Publishers may disable the facility allowing for viewers to comment or feedback if they do not wish to receive viewer comments or feedback on their broadcasts. Only registered users can post comments and all comments are submitted to the respective publisher for approval at their discretion.

Personal details such as full name and email address of the viewer will not be revealed on the public forum, or to the publishers or other users. Only the 'Screen Names' are used to identify the comment author. Contributors may include, their company name and contact information within their comments or analysis if they wish to notify the publisher, alternatively, they may use the 'Report' or 'Contact'  facility to communicate and provide their registered contact information directly to the content publisher.

Define Media provides the tools and means for content publishers, viewers and commenters to communicate, but we are not responsible for the content or opinions contained in any of the communications. We may temporarily withdraw and suspend content from the public forum in the event a possible disruptive or unlawful situation may exist due to the existence of the reported content in the public domain. 

If you spot any content or comments on this website you believe to be inappropriate, unlawful or offensive, you should click on the ‘Report’ link below the content to send a report to the publisher. The publisher will be notified and will decide whether or not to withdraw the published content.

In order for us to maintain a continuous flow of fresh and up to date information on the website and broadcasts related forums, comments will remain active until the related broadcast is withdrawn or deleted from the source.

House Rules

Guidelines for creating a safe and healthy environment for our users

  1. Submitting comments and participating in the discussion forums: Comments and feedback posted by viewers are administered and published entirely at the discretion of the content owners who might be the broadcast presenting company, its agent or publisher.

  2. Editing and control: Content owners have the right to control, edit, censor, delete or prevent any inappropriate, offensive or illegal comments from being published on their broadcasts and channels. They can also refuse to publish or block access to anyone from commenting on their content.

  3. Do not make defamatory comments: Such comments include unfounded or unproven allegations (especially of wrongdoing) against a person, organisation or group.

  4. Spamming or flooding through multiple postings: Users should keep the number of their contributions per topic to a reasonable level. Multiple posts from one individual, or a small number of individuals, discourage many others who might otherwise wish to take part.

  5. Do not swear: People of all backgrounds read and contribute to the discussion and comments forum. Please do not use profanities or other words which might offend others.  This may include swear words with asterisks replacing some letters. Comments should never be written in capital letters. This is Internet shorthand for raising your voice. You can make your point perfectly well in lower case so please take the caps lock off.

  6. Do not post personal information: It is not advisable to publicise anyone else's contact details including address, place of employment, name of educational establishment, telephone or mobile number, email address, etc on the public pages of this website. This is for your own safety and that of everyone who uses this service.

  7. Keep your posts relevant: Do not deviate wildly from the topic of the thread or the topic related to the broadcast content on which you are commenting. Each debate or discussion should be relevant to the initiated topic. Irrelevant posts lower the value of the debate or discussion for everyone and may be ignored or removed.

  8. Advertising policy: Advertising or the promotion of products or services, or posting of web links (URLs) within your comments is strictly forbidden.

  9. The language of this website is English: Unless the broadcast itself is presented in another language, posts containing languages other than English or the broadcast presentation language may be removed. Common greetings and salutations in languages other than English may be acceptable.

  10. Do not impersonate: Impersonating someone (including other users) is unacceptable. You must not falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with any person or entity.

  11. Inappropriate usernames are not allowed: Accounts whose usernames are vulgar or offensive will be suspended.

  12. Do not abuse the Report system: Please do not abuse the Report system. It exists to enable users to provide direct feedback to content providers and to alert the administrators and moderators about content which breaks the rules. The Report system cannot be used to complain about specific Define Media services in general, use the Contact form found in the About or the Services page to contact Define Media.

    • Please do not use the Report system to alert us to multiple postings, spelling mistakes and so on. Anyone who abuses the Report system repeatedly may have their account suspended.

  13. Avoid contempt of court: This means not posting anything that risks prejudicing ongoing or forthcoming court proceedings. Do not discuss court cases that are currently ongoing or forthcoming.

  14. Do not incite people to commit any crime: This includes incitement of racial, religious or homophobic hatred.

  15. Ownership of content: Do not post content which you have copied from someone else and in respect of which you do not own the copyright.

  16. Offensive messages: Do not post messages that are unlawful, harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, homophobic or racially offensive. Under the Communications Act 2003, a person is guilty of an offence if they send "a message or other matter that is grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character" by means of an electronic communications network.

Please observe our Privacy Policy and the Terms & Conditions of Website and Services Use of this site.

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Last updated:  April 2019