Order Cancellation and Account Termination

9.   Cancellation of Orders and Termination of User Accounts
9.1  We reserve the right immediately to terminate your use of our website and related services such as our GiGaSoft platform storage, embedded players, playlists and webtv channel applets or other framed services, if you breach or we have reasonable grounds to believe that you are likely to breach these Terms and Conditions or you otherwise engage in conduct which we determine in our sole discretion to be unacceptable. Such termination shall not give rise to any liability of Define Media.
9.2  As part of your right of use of our services, you are free to terminate your GiGaSoft platform User Account, as a publisher, at any time by ceasing to upload any new content and removing all your existing content from the platform storage via the content management section of your User Account. 

You may continue to use your account as a viewer without uploading or publishing any new content, or to fully terminate your account and remove your registered user details from our services, you may complete the account cancellation form to notify us by clicking the 'Terminate Account' option in your User Account profile.

Cancellation of orders and termination of accounts and refunds of Pay As You Go (PAYG) customers will only be issued in accordance with our online Terms and Conditions of Sale  or, for contract customers, according to your inclusive or additional service contract Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Services  subject to the individual Client Services Agreement which defines the features of such inclusive or additional services.

Following your termination notice, your user account or parts of your user account may not be removed immediately from our services, but will be deactivated instead, to allow for i) a cooling off period in which you may change your mind and return to use your account as a viewer or as a publisher ii) a review period to ensure your account is safe to delete without affecting our services or other users whose accounts may be related or have links to your account such as, but not limited to, analytics, subscriptions or content feeds.