Making Payments

Paying for your GiGaSoft platform usage and the TellYourStorage distribution network 

Define Media is the primary service provider, developing and operating GiGaSoft content management and delivery platform and the TellYourStory targeted content distribution network, therefore, also processes service payments to ensure your content is received and timely delivered for publishing, without delays.

From the payment section at, select the option to ‘Pay a Service Invoice’ and enter the amount as confirmed by your agent. Several payment methods are available including credit/debit cards, bank and wire transfers. Once funds are cleared, payment confirmation is immediately sent to your account e-mail address and the services are activated on your account.

It is necessary for you to register your own account so that you can receive viewer comments, feedback, questions and inquiries directly to your email inbox. Furthermore, it is necessary to make payments directly from your account so that, where applicable, you can enter your company VAT number and for the purpose of instant confirmation, invoicing and promptly receiving the services you require.