TellYourStory Worldwide Network

The TellYourStory Worldwide network promotes companies and investors to reach relevant international sector audiences including access to Chinese investors and businesses. Contact us today -


  • Your company decides the key messages, you record (video, audio and documents) and upload onto our GiGaSoft multimedia content management and delivery platform for distribution.

  • TellYourStory on video, audio recordings and documents (no limit to length or size) with your presentations, branding and web-links.

  • Attach up to 6 key documents to the video such as press release, factsheet, profile, research, presentation, financials, etc. 

  • Add Closed Captions (Subtitles) to reach viewers in English, French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese and Arabic. 

  • Your company will have direct access to real-time viewer traffic and analytics including subscribers for Q&As, comments, feedback and meetings requests. 

  • Your company retains full copyright and ownership of all your content, with access to withdraw, pause or remove from all publications, at any time. 

  • If a minimum four of your broadcasts is confirmed for publishing within 12 months, they will also be promoted on your primary individual stock/profile page on Bloomberg

Tell your story on

Bloomberg delivers business and markets news, data, analysis, and video to the world, featuring stories from Businessweek and Bloomberg News and now, a multimedia communications hub for your video or audio news releases on the premium front page of your sector on, outside subscription products or pay-walls; and just below the current top news headlines.

Clients subscribing to publish a minimum four broadcasts within twelve months will also have their broadcasts promoted on a custom playlist exclusively for all their broadcasts on the individual company stock/profile page on Bloomberg.


What's on now?

-  Healthcare sector


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Informa Pharma Intelligence

Tell your story on Pharma Intelligence 

Pharma Intelligence is the leading provider of drug, device, company, clinical trial and market intelligence in the pharmaceutical and medtech markets. 

PItCH, (Pharma Intelligence the Communications Hub) - dedicated communications hubs on Informa Pharma Intelligence for access to publications such as Scrip, InVivo, Medtech and Pink Sheet present an opportunity to further promote your company news, products, announcements and presentations to specialist audience. 


What's on now?

-  Biotech & Pharma


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PharmaDJ & RNDer China

Tell your story in China with PharmaDJ & RNDer

Are you seeking access to the Chinese markets? The TellYourStory network brings a unique opportunity for your company to promote your important messages and reach investors, business development and marketing targets in China. PharmaDJ is an online portal providing tailored services and intelligence of the Chinese market for Biotech & Phama executives - building a bridge to China market for foreign companies doing business in China. Founded by industry-recognized editors, PharmaDJ is a leading publication providing value-added analysis for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies doing business in China, with a mission to facilitate drug R&D and regulatory science in China.

Additionally, PharmaDJ brings RNDer; an online portal for pharma R&D executives and researchers. RNDer seeks to establish a communication platform for researchers and regulators, where researchers can find essential intelligence for regulatory updates in China, find the right partners and discuss hot topics with peers.

With the largest BioPharma network in the industry and also on WeChat, the social media and networking home of the biggest biotech and pharma companies in the world, both platforms place your messages directly in front of the key decision makers and investors in the healthcare sector.  


What's on now?

-  TellYourStory Network on PharmaDJ & RNDer 


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AIM Journal for AIM listed companies

Tell your story worldwide with AIM Journal for AIM listed companies

HubInvest publishes AIM Journal, a business and financial news magazine focused on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange. The publication is designed to appeal to all participants in AIM, whether they are company directors, advisers or institutional investors, and keep them informed about the companies, topics and challenges of the largest junior market in the world. 

AIM Journal covers the latest general and company news of interest to readers with a serious interest in AIM. There is also a section dedicated to AIM companies that pay dividends in order to dispel the myth that these companies are a rarity. The publication includes relevant statistical and tabular information, such as a table of nominated adviser and broker changes. 


What's on now?

-  AIM Journal multimedia for AIM listed companies  


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Define Media Portal

TellYourStory on Define Media's own multi-sector hub

Define Media places your brand and messages in front of key international decision makers in your sectors. 

We provide an independent meeting place for investors, companies, media and market specialists to publish multimedia content targeting both the retail and professional financial audiences. Our portal also offers a place to promote sector events, conferences and business services to increase visibility in relevant markets. An efficient multimedia hub combining live and on-demand content with integrated smart filters and saved searches, plus alerts and tools for effective interaction between viewers and publishers.

We aim to bring investors and companies together and help businesses of all sizes expand reach and make real impact online with timely and effective multimedia communications using our platform, portal, player and targeted distribution services.


What's on now?

TYS- Independent multi-sector communications hub


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Real Targeted Outreach

More than just pushing your content online and hoping for the best

TellYourStory network promotes your brand, expertise, products and your important news and significant developments, at exactly the moment you need to reach your target audience.

The network enables direct access to daily international specialist and financial audience that includes both retail and professional investors, company executives, analysts, researchers and journalists for your live and on-demand videos, audio recordings, images, texts and up to six of your key documents.

Not just a single aspect of your key message, or a mention in a spread, but a combination of video, audio recordings, presentations, images and multiple documents - critical elements of effective communication in the changing multimedia and news landscape. Broadcast your news releases, product launches and strategic updates. Gain full control, greater reach and value from your online video, audio and text communications.

Companies leveraging the hubs benefit from direct access to viewers where your stories can be seen and heard in a format that is effective, with unique control over when and how to tell your story.

Receive comprehensive insight into performance data with real-time traffic and viewing analytics to better learn and refine the content you create, to amplify coverage and maximize your communications and relevant reach.


Promoting your company news and significant developments

Define Media provides your company with its own content management platform on GiGaSoft and a multimedia communications hub with playlists for your presentaions, videos, audio recordings, images and documents embedded on your corporate or IR website. The embedded iframe applet is designed and maintained free of charge for your company, as part of the TellYourStory network offer.

  • Your company retains content copyright, ownership and full control of all your broadcasts with 24/7 access to pause, recall, withdraw, disconnect, block access for viewers in certain countries, download traffic and viewer analytics or delete broadcast from publications.

  • Broadcasts remain live on each network hub for at least 12 months unless you choose to withdraw from publication. See publishing guide:
  • Each broadcast can carry up to six of your key documents such as current press release, broadcast transcript, factsheet, profile, presentation, financials and independent research.

  • The documents attached to the broadcast can be updated as many times as you require, to complement the video or audio message and to keep the broadcast messages up to date.

  • Scene tags, subtitles or full Closed Captions can be added to the video or audio to reach international viewers in English, French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese or Arabic.

  • E-mail alerts are sent to channel subscribers from each network hub, at the time of your broadcast release plus SEO tags and RSS feeds are generated for each of your broadcasts.

  • You can switch on or off the option to interact with viewers via comments, questions, feedback, meeting requests and inquiry tools directly from within each network hub playlist.

  • Real-time viewing analytics, reports and charts are provided, enabling you to track your broadcasts to gain comprehensive insight into traffic, viewers, reach and audience relevance.